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We are a Rock magazine based in NYC. Our 13th issue is hot off the press featuring our kickass cover artist Jocke Berg of Hardcore Super. Also in this issue we have Stevie Dacanay of Buckcherry, Tom Keifer, Trouble Circus, Sister Hyde, and so much more to feast your eyes on! Don’t forget to check out our past issues and spread the word of Krashcity Mag!! Just go to the link above and it will bring you straight to the 13th issue. Also check out our website krashcity.net which will lead you to lots more goodies! Enjoy and spread the word of rock n roll!

To clear things out: Jocke is engaged to Tess. Have Vegas w Tess. Have Vilda w his first wife. They divorced earlys in 2007. Tess and Jocke meet Sep 2007. Martin has a girlfriend called Katarina, and à son called Nils.

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For anon: expressen_se/gt/rockstjarnan-jocke-springer-ofta-i-mossar (replace "_" with a dot) Quote from this interview: Bor: Lägenhet i Landvetter tillsammans med frun Katarina.

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Katarina is Martin's woman, not Jocke's. Therese was Jocke's first wife and Vilda's mother. Check YouTube for the interview where he says he divorced his wife, I've seen it there.

Well, I’ve seen interviews too, but he never mentioned any name. Who knows what’s right? Only him and I think that, if he doesn’t mention names, that’s the way he wants it to be, no one knowing, just him.

just wanted to say a BIG Thank you for keeping up this blog! My only source of info about Jocke! lol

Oh, you don’t need to thank! I do try my best to keep this blog going, even if sometimes I end up not updating it!

Oh, and his ex-wife is Katarina, she's the mother of Vilda. And Tess is the mother of Vegas

Oh, right, thanks!

Guys, the interview where Jocke says about his fiancée.

The interview is on audio and, if you scroll down the page, you’ll see a pic of Jocke, it’s just click on it and you’ll hear it :)